Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching Up

Since I am back into posting full time :)..... I thought I would just take an opportunity to catch up on everything I have missed.

1. The Cyclery in Edwardsville is going to have a team next year and I will be on it. The kits are getting finalized as I type...(they are gonna be cool)

2. I have done two power tests. One in February this year and one last weekend. I havent seen my overall comparison yet but my coach says that I improved across the board by about 20 watts. Thats decent, and I will test again in 3 weeks or so with the coach,,,,with coaching through the test which should improve the numbers.

3. I have bought a new mountain bike for next years race....2011 Trek Superfly 100....This is a carbon full suspension bike and will have a post dedicated specifically to it soon.

4. My fitness level has improved dramatically this year.

5. I have been doing a lot of strength training lately and getting strong (for me). I have been incorporating Pride Fitness's Saturday Circuit into my week when I can. It is awesome and is great for the core.

6. I have converted my old mountain bike into a single speed.

7. I went shopping with DFlack and he just purchased a Trek Madone 5.1.....Hope he's ready to ride!

8. I went mountain bike riding with Mr. Ironman Butler a couple of weeks on my new ride and him on his 20 year old Specialized that he not ridden in years......He now has a new mountain bike....Sorry Rene. He is ready to ride and we have already had his new machine out on the trails. He was fast for his second trip on the trails in 15 years.... Pretty soon he will be pulling me around the trails like he pulls me on the road rides.

9. I bettered my Tour de Doughnut time by more than 1/2 hour from last years time. I was 54th out of 1500 or so riders. I was very pleased with that. 32ish miles in 1:17. My last years time was close to 1:50. I guess my coach and the training has helped a little. These times are approximate and from memory, I just did not want to take the time to look them up Im on a roll....

Other unrelated personal items..

7. We sold our house and moved to town and I have a great computrainer/weight room in our new place!

8. Hudson is in IMSA (Illinois Math and Science Academy) Program.

9. Madison is a blue belt in TKD.

10. Darla quit her job (So she can do all the house stuff and I will have more time to ride).

11. Madison got braces.

Go Big or Stay Home

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