Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lactate Threshold

Yesterday was my first ever LT (Lactate Threshold) test.  Because my computrainer is still not functioning through the computer (cord to be delivered the 9th to solve the problem), I did the test while monitoring my heart rate.  Here is what the test looked like:
20 minute warm up on the bike
5 minutes all out (avg heart rate 170)  This according to the coach was just to "open up the lungs"
10 minutes recovery
20 minutes all out (avg heart rate 168)
20 minutes recovery

Obviously, the 20 minutes all out is the test.....Man, I have done a lot of training etc. but this was pretty tough.  Although I do like it better than just riding for two hours on the trainer.  It was different because when you are out riding and you peak your heartrate for a while you either shift gears to accommodate or dismount on a steep climb to let your heartrate recover, but with this, you just power through for 20 minutes.  My LT number is 160.  My coach analyzed my data from this test and told me this number.  It is a little troubling to this engineer that I do not know how that was calculated.....yet.  On a positive note (I guess) the coach had me estimated at 154 and I moved it up to 160.....good I think....

More to come on this when I know more.....I wonder if there is online classed for this?

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Computrainer Issues

So, for Christmas I bought Darla an iMac (which is awesome).  This meant our desktop got "promoted" to my computrainer computer.  The computer that came with my computrainer purchase from craigslist was ancient and very slow.  The connection for the computrainer to plug into that computer went into a serial port, yes thats very old school.

Therefore, my new computer I had to get a serial to USB converter....well guess what, the drivers do not work with VISTA, go figure.  After three weeks, countless hours, and two cords purchased that did not work, I have ordered a $50 piece from computrainers website that they say is just what I need.  But I just couldn't pay the overnight shipping so I will wait for UPS ground.

I am excited to get it going as my coach has on my schedule to do my first LT Power test (Lactate Threshhold).  This will tax my body but give us some great data to start training from.....

I can still use my computrainer in the meantime through a small head unit that comes with it but it is just very limited to what you can accomplish in this manner.  So don't worry, I am still on the trainer just not utilizing all of the technology yet.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Paint Job!!!

Well, its been a while since my last post and I have a ton of excuses as to why but lets just say.....busy!

Scott at the powder coat shop was very gracious with redoing my bike.  So now it is black!  My favorite color.  I picked it up a couple of weeks ago immediately called Mr. Mike Dixon to help with the decals for the finished look.  Mike is about my age and grew up riding BMX like me.  However, his hobby is restoring vintage 70's and 80's BMX bikes.  As I type now, I wish I had taken some pics of his work while I was at his house but I did not.  However, I do have pics of my finished product.... I am so happy with the outcome.

Here it is!!!  The pic does not do it justice.

Old Color Scheme (NEON green stinks)

New SLX crankset and chain and XT front derailer
New Rear Cassette and Sram X9 long cage rear derailer
Close up of the FLAMES!

Hard to see REDLINE with FLAMES

I took all of the stickers off of the wheels and fork to black it out as best I could.....very pleased with the outcome.

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