Tuesday, November 15, 2011

12 Hours of Canal Loop

OK!! I mean it!! I will start posting regularly!

So much has happened that I have not captured on here related to racing and training.  I am so mad at myself for not keeping up but it starts....today.  I have instructed my wife to not let me "wind down" in the evenings until I post.  So settle in and buckle up until August 11, 2012.....The day I
"Race Across The Sky"

After the Leadville 50 I did two more EPIC races this season.  The first was the 12 hours of the canal loop in Western KY.  This is the same race that I did in 2009.  In 2009 I did the 12 hour solo (by myself) and rode 5 laps for 55 miles.  In 2011, I did the 6 hour solo because my coach said he wanted me to go all out and not pace myself.  Well, in 6 hours I did 5 loops for 55 miles....sound familiar...yes, same result 6 fewer hours.  I would say that the training is paying off!  It was a great race and my wife and kids went with me, which made it even better!

 To the right, both the boys on their Gary Fisher machines.....yes if you have read previous posts this is a new bike.....ssshhhhh don't tell my wife...more to come on my purchase in a future post.

To the left, goin' out for another lap.

BTW, I have entered the lottery for the Race Across The Sky and will be sending in my volunteer forms that have my documented volunteer hours from this year.  This should ensure I get in....if not, the race director lied!

Go Big or Stay Home

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