Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Georgia Biking Excursion Day #1

171 Days To Leadville 100

On Thursday I loaded up the car, went to work for a half a day, picked up Skip, then Reed, then was on the road again, this time to Georgia.  There were eight sick, demented, crazy, insane people who love to ride bicycles that met at a cabin near Jasper, GA.  We arrived at a reasonable hour but stayed up till about two am talking about "bike stuff".  The last two crazies rolled in about 4 am.

We woke up Friday and was planning on an easy 50 mile ride to get our legs acclimated.  (easy 50 mile ride in the mountains in GA, yeah right).  49 miles, 4,900 feet of climbing and 45.5 miles per hour max...yes, 45.5, since I have already shown my wife....You get to see 45.5mph as seen from the handle bars of my bike via my new gopro hero camera....wow, yes, wow...

This is day 1 of 4 so my video editing skills should get better over the next few days...bear with me..

After this ride I was really wondering how I would hold up for the whole trip as this kind of climbing is a real shock to your system.  Also, I was trying to not fall too far behind on the climbs which helps red line the heart rate just a little more....

Great People, Great Day, Great Ride!!!  Once we returned to the cabin, Anthony and others fixed spaghetti with meatballs as big as your head.  It was a great meal to end a great day.  We then proceeded to speak of all things related to biking until everyone went to sleep.  Day #2 was scheduled to be feet on the ground at 5:30am for breakfast, then 6 Gap!

Go Big or Stay Home

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