Saturday, January 1, 2011

Over The Mountain

Well, here it is, something I have ridiculed other people for doing, the beginning of my own blog.  My intention is to document the next year and half of training, challenges, failures and hopefully ultimate success at the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race in 2012.  I will have to go to Colorado twice in 2011 to volunteer at Leadville events to ensure my entry in the 2012 race.  Entrance to this race is in a lottery format as it is the preeminent endurance mountain bike race in the Country.  This is the race that the Lance Armstrong documentary Race Across The Sky was filmed at in 2009.  It is also the race that starts at 10,200 feet of elevation, peaks at over 13,000 feet and has 14,000 feet of climbing total in the 100 miles.  You must also finish in less than 12 hours....piece of cake!

I grew up riding BMX bicycles and shifted to soccer through high school and college and came back to the bike after college.  I moved to Calvert City, KY which happened to be just a few miles from the land between the lakes (LBL) where I learned to mountain bike with the help of Steve Wilson at Wood-N-Wave Bike Shop.  Since then, I have been on and off the bike as we all tend to get fit, then fat, then fit again (can anyone relate?).  In 2010, I added a road bike and put a lot more miles in than normal and have a decent biking base fitness level built to start my training.

Currently, I am doing research to structure my training in a way that I do not waste time and effort in my pursuit.  I am finding out that a coach and a lot of technology will focus me is such a way to accomplish my task (more on all of those specifics later).  I will track all my workouts so I have a good record of all that I am doing.  My hope is document this trip from recreational bike rider to Leadville 100 Finisher.  Also, as I learned through Tracy Butler's Ironman Journey , I want to inspire my children to set what seems to be an unattainable goal and work to accomplish it.  I really do believe we should live this life setting the best example we can, for others, and as the bible tells us, for our kids.  I also hope that this might inspire someone to bite off something more than they feel they can chew and go for it much like Mr. Butler's Blog and experience did for me.  And to be honest, I do have doubt today in my ability to finish this race even in peak condition. Those butterflies I feel while even typing that sentence are what makes me want to proceed!  

So, please take this blog as a personal Diary of a Madman trying to do something in his 40th year on this earth that defies what his mind (and others) tells him to do.  This blog is about that and for my personal records vs. trying to sell, promote or brag.  I am also not a writer and speak from the heart at times with poor grammar, so please overlook these imperfections.

Go Big or Stay Home


  1. Way to go Don. Please be encouraged by my prayers for your mIssion. There are only three things more important than a man's desire to reach for something really BIG: His love for God, his love for his wife and his love for his kids. Since those three are in order for you, this goal is in perspective. Good luck on your journey, I can't wait to read more about it.

  2. Hey Don - You're now in my RSS feed. Looking forward to your updates. Good luck!

  3. That is awesome, Don! I will enjoy reading it!