Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strength Training

As you can imagine, endurance mountain bike racing is not just about being fit on your bike.  There is a tremendous amount of endurance needed for all of the muscles in your body not just your legs (Especially the triceps).  My triceps are what blew out in the Firecracker 50 in 2009.  So, last night I started with the weights.

Wow am I weak!  Back in my college soccer days I was no stranger to the weight room.  I couldnt hang with the likes of Tom Sontag but could hold my own.....that was many years ago my friends.  I went through a series of exercises with  very light weight and a lot of reps and YES I am sore today.  Not as bad as it could be, I could still put on my deoderant myself.  I did work in a lot of squat type stuff and man is my backside feeling it.  All in all, I did 45 minutes of weights, I know this will improve over time as I do more, but I sure do HATE starting from being this weak.  Makes me wish I had jumped on the P90X bandwagon with my buddy Jason.

Go Big or Stay Home

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