Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I now have Training Peaks software somewhat set up.  My coach has started entering my workouts into the program and I then upload my workout when I am done.  My first four weeks are really just to get my body used to the routine and learn some of the techniques, weights, and such I will be doing over the next year or so.  My first four weeks I am scheduled for about 7 hours of training per week.  This doesnt sound like much, but in the winter with a couple of days off in between, I am already finding it a little bit of a struggle.  This is mainly because I cannot go outside and ride for three hours, I have to do it on my "drainer" (to quote Tracy) or trainer.....more specifically my computrainer.

I am finding two things happen on every trainer ride:

1.  I go numb.  For those non-bikers I will stop there.  For you bikers, yes, this is something I need to get fixed.  I have been "fit" on my road bike and changed the saddle several times to no avail.  But I will succeed.

2.  At about 55 minutes my brain starts telling me to get off of the trainer.  My body is not tired but my mind is BORED!  And no it doesnt matter what is on t.v.....Maybe I should just watch Race Across The Sky everytime!  OK, if you've never seen a mountain biking clip or wonder what I am talking about in this blog, please click on Race Across The Sky link in the previous sentence and watch the trailer for that movie.  I had goose bumps the whole clip!  I think I held my breath through the whole trailer the first time I watched it.  (maybe that will help me the race at that altitude)

On a side note, my bike should be done (redone) at the powder coat shop tomorrow or thursday.  I already have the sticker man (Mike) and the bike shop on notice, so the bike will be back together swiftly upon completion,,,,, I cannot wait!  All the new componentry will be installed at that time.

Go Big or Stay Home


  1. The wreck at 1:45 into the trailer made me instinctively yell, "OH!", which is bad because I'm still sitting in the office.

  2. I so very badly want to post many comments about your finding #1 but I will refrain from doing so. But I believe there is a nickname for you somewhere in that paragraph. Maybe you should have them stencil that on the side of your new custom Mountain Bike - just like a fighter pilot has (you know, like Maverick or Goose). bp (your wingman)

  3. I still need to borrow that from you. When the day comes you will be glad you put the time in on the Drainer