Saturday, April 23, 2011

1st race of the year

Well,  Life happens, I have not posted in quite some time.  However, I have been training hard!

This past weekend I went to Lawrence, Kansas for the BoneBender 6 Hour Mountain Bike Race.  Andy Gibbs (coach) also went and two of his friends from the St. Louis area.  As my sons birthday party was on Saturday at 2 and Andy was leaving at 12, I had to go it alone.  However, my dad did "step up" to the challenge and go with me.

That's Andy on the 2nd place podium for the Mens Open Division, he did 7 laps.

This is me on the course finishing up a lap in the chute, I did four laps in 6 hours, about 40 miles.  It was a slow time but the course was VERY rocky and technical.  Overall, I felt very strong on the day.  The main difference is that Andy had me taking on some different kinds of nutrition and I did not cramp or "Bonk" which I usually do.  That is a major step forward!

There was also a guy on the course with a camera on his bike and shot some good footage and some with me in the video!

For those of you who would like to ridicule me on my performance, here is the link to the RESULTS.

Overall, it was a fun race and I did feel as strong as I have felt in a race but the rocky technical nature of this coarse slowed me down.  Looking forward to the Firecracker 50 on July 4th!

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  1. good work DB. I hope we can train together some more this summer.