Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching Up

Well, as it turns out, I am terrible at keeping up with a blog.  I WILL do better going forward!

From March 27th,
We went to Chicago for a family get away and I had some training to do over that weekend.  I took a video of the Lifetime Fitness Facility I went to for the ride.  Wow, what a gym.

From May 13th,
The Paschals, Wyatts and Browns went to Paducah, KY for the weekend and the boys rode both days.  We rode in the Shawnee National Forest in southern IL.  The first day we took the path less traveled to get back to the start and lets just say it was less traveled for a reason.... Brad was ready to get out of the woods.....The storm rolling in did not help either...NO we were not lost!
The second day we rode about 3 hours did get lost but it was better.....That is what planted the seed for upgrading my garmin 305 to a 705!

Mud makes a good ride!  And on the right we have the support vehicle!
I am not sure if I would ride in boat shoes like Brad but it works for him.  Grant had to one up Brad with flip flops, these guys are animals!

From June 19th,
Well a race I went to today out west of St. Louis was cancelled due to weather....should have checked the website (that I did not know existed).  So, I went and rode a couple of hours at Castlewood State Park.  This is some of the best riding in the St. Louis Metro area IMHO.

 This was also the inaugural ride with my new Stans no tube Crest wheels.....these took 2 lbs off of my bike.

I have been goin hard but these are the rides I had pics for on my phone....Again, I will be doing better with the updates!

Go Big or Stay Home

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